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Brooklyn Park Roofing Pros serves as your dependable source for high-quality roofing services in Brooklyn Park. Our skilled team is dedicated to delivering outstanding service and professionalism, addressing roofs of various dimensions. We grasp the challenges presented by harsh winter weather and scorching summers, underscoring the importance of relying on a dependable and reputable roofing firm.

Our primary objective revolves around enlightening our clientele, ensuring they make well-informed choices. When you select us, our process commences with a thorough roof assessment, followed by a comprehensive written estimate. Once you grant your approval, we move forward with unwavering dedication, providing punctual completion and flawless craftsmanship using top-tier materials. Our confidence in our work is such that we extend a guarantee and warranty to grant you absolute peace of mind.

Our Services

Roof Repair

We recognize the vital function your roof performs in shielding your residence from storm-related damage and other potential hazards. This is precisely why we exclusively offer premium products to prioritize the safeguarding of your home. Our commitment to detail is unwavering during both the tear-off process and the installation of shingled roofing, as we take every possible measure to ensure your home’s security. Our roofing contractors are dedicated to comprehensive cleanup, leaving your property in impeccable condition. Furthermore, our complimentary roofing inspections are designed to enhance your home’s resilience against the frequent severe storms experienced in Minnesota.

Metal Roofing

Boasting a 50-year standard warranty, a metal roof possesses the capacity to exceed the lifespan of traditional asphalt roofs, which usually necessitate replacement 2-3 times within the same span. Beyond its impressive durability, a metal roof showcases impact resistance, capable of enduring hail of up to 2 inches in diameter, potentially making you eligible for an insurance discount. Additionally, it ensures a quiet environment akin to that of an asphalt roof, and it grants you the flexibility to select from a diverse array of styles and colors to match your personal preferences.

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When the time comes to renew your home’s siding, Brooklyn Park Roofing Pros provides a comprehensive selection of choices customized to align with both your residence’s aesthetic and your budget. Opting for our services means you can anticipate reduced heating and cooling expenses, thanks to the underlayments expertly placed beneath the siding. Our skilled installers are not only exceptionally qualified but also committed to maintaining respect and courtesy throughout the project, ensuring that your property remains tidy and uncluttered once the work is finished. Reach out to our roofing firm today to receive a complimentary siding estimate and to delve into our assortment of available products.

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Seamless gutters play a crucial role in safeguarding your home by efficiently redirecting water away from its structure and foundation. Our seamless gutters are meticulously manufactured on-site using cutting-edge technology, ensuring they are extruded at the ideal length, thus minimizing the chances of leaks and reducing the need for frequent maintenance, in contrast to snap-together gutter systems. As specialists in seamless installation, we prioritize the protection of both newly constructed and existing residences. It’s imperative not to procrastinate adding this task to your agenda, as water accumulation near the foundation can result in long-term damage that may take years to fully rectify.

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When your Twin Cities residence boasts weather-worn, damaged, unattractive, or drafty windows, it has a negative impact not only on its visual appeal but also on its energy efficiency. Whether you’re contemplating a complete home exterior transformation or simply aiming to elevate your property’s curb appeal, windows play a pivotal role in achieving both aesthetic charm and functional benefits. With a diverse array of styles at your disposal, ranging from contemporary to striking, the decision to upgrade your windows is a valuable inclusion on your home improvement to-do list.

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Ice Dams

Leveraging the proficiency of our skilled and experienced roofers, we utilize ice steamers to safely and efficiently eliminate ice dams from your gutters. Our state-of-the-art ice steamers are meticulously engineered to eliminate ice dams without causing any harm to your roof or windows. Rather than resorting to chipping away at the ice, which could potentially lead to additional damage, we prioritize the safeguarding of your home by employing high-temperature steam. This approach ensures a comprehensive ice removal process without the necessity of using any blunt tools on your roof.

Ice Dam Installation

Collaborating with the team at was truly an exceptional experience. They orchestrated a smooth and hassle-free journey from beginning to end. Chad's professionalism and expert guidance at every stage of the project were truly praiseworthy. I wholeheartedly endorse Brooklyn Park Roofing Pros and urge others to contemplate availing themselves of their services.

Ava Peterson

Collaborating with the entire team was incredibly straightforward. Even though it was a modest undertaking involving the installation of a rear house gutter, I truly felt like a valued customer. They efficiently integrated the project into their schedule and achieved outstanding outcomes. I have no doubt that I'll be contacting them without hesitation for my next project.

Liam Anderson

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